Jan 07 2017

It's a 3hr drive from Manila going to Siniloan, Laguna (Mt. Romelo) for our 2day camp and chasing waterfalls adventure. From our meetup place, we decided to take the route on Tanay to Pililla road instead traveling through South Luzon Expressway. By these we can see the mountains in tanay and also pililla windmills before arriving in our jumpoff point. 🌲🌱🌳🌴

Light Residences




After having our breakfast "goto" around the area. We now proceed to the registration office. 50pesos per head and additional 10pesos for a garbage container if you'll do overnight camp. 🔎

Mt. Romelo is classified 1/9 difficulty and recommended for beginners who want to explore and experience nature. Also you'll pass some local store selling "coconut" and "ice candies" along the trail, which is a ideal stop over for you to rest.

We arrive at the summit after an hour hike and decided to proceed to the campsite to take our lunch. You'll also notice a waterfall from afar also called "Ambon-Ambon" falls same name from Bagac, Bataan we visited . 🗻👣

There is a store in the campsite, Hut or tables for rent and electricty is also available in the area. So while Im pitching our tent, others are preparing our lunch. 🍖🍚

We continue to our next destination by searching Diwata falls on top of Sampaloc falls. The trail is very difficult to remember. There are river crossing and big rocks we manage before we reach our destination.

Remember not try water activities or swim without your guide's permission. It's hard also to measure the depth of the waterfalls.

Also don't panic if you see "Limatic" attached to you. They are cute little creatures! Haha. Limatic are type of leeches. They suck out blood on your skin but they get dettached after a while when their full. 🚑🚨

Last is Batya-Batya falls. But due to time and difficulty going infront of the falls We return to our camp just in time to prepare dinner before dark. Remember to secure all your belongings before lights out. 🌌😴😴


Jan 08 2017

In our second day, going to the Old buruwisan falls is difficult. Going down the mountain using roots as your footings, even though youre equip with skills and determination. Always be cautious in your surroundings.

Next, below our campsite the Buruwisan falls. The popular and famous waterfalls here at Siniloan. 👌👍

And lastly Lanzones falls, a perfect place for your group to swim since the water is cold and shallow. 🌊🌞

After the adventure we now pack our things and sack our trash. Completed 5 waterfalls and another wonderful weekend.



Light Residences

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