Nov 09 2015

Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun
Galeries nationales du Grand Palais

Back to the Marie Antoinette's time:
A very rich and beautiful exhibition. Many paintings, I ignored that Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun had been so prolific.
What a nice surprise!

We see her grow and follow her escape till Russia.

Negative: always a lot of people during the Grand Palais exhibitions.
Sometimes it's even difficult to look at the painting with the big crowd looking at.
Similarly, titles are smaller and smaller...

To conclude this royal afternoon, a walk through the Tuileries garden before enjoying a Mont Blanc in Angelina tea room.


Dec 07 2015

Fragonard amoureux
Musée du Luxembourg

Before I begin my visit, I wanted to take a stroll in the Luxembourg garden but it wasn't counting on winter closing time of the park.

So here I am on the way to the Muséum of Luxembourg, bypassing the Senate, former palace of Marie de Médicis.
Small muséum but big exhibition mainly because of the quality of the canvas displayed: paintings and engravings ensentially, a really nice presentation with many links to mentionned artworks and so displayed by small reproduction.

5.30 is a really good time to enjoy the visit. Not so much people, we really can appreciate paintings and had time to read all the informations.

And as a tour always ends with a gluttonous touch, a stop by Angelina is riquired!

DAY 14

Dec 20 2015

Volez, Voguez, voyagez... Louis Vuitton
Galeries nationales du Grand Palais

After a really good brunch at Le père Fouettard in Chatelet, we decide to enjoy the sunny december sunday and walk to the Grand Palais.
We take the Rue de Rivoli, continue through the Tuileries garden and the Christmas market on the Champs-Élysées.
One hour walk but it was so nice!

So we arrived at The Grand Palais, where there is not queue (really strange when you know the place and her crownded exhibitions). And what a surprise, it is a Free entrance exhibition!!

How to describe what we saw! One word is enough to sum up: WAOW!!! It is probably the best exhibition that i see this year!

Suitecases, beautiful suitecases but the most interesting thing is the display! Beautiful work!! And the precision in details is incredible!!!

In the first room, famous suitecases, artist one, private collection etc. Good start but the best rest to discover.
- Sea travel lugagge: you are on a boat, like Titanic
- Travel bed set: you are in the desert,
- Flight bags: there is a plane!!!!
- Road stuff (pic nic and tools...): you are on a countryside road, maybe in a Downton Abbey one!!!
- And my favorite one: The train!! We are travelling in the Orient Express! It really seems to be a Orient Express carriage!! So amazing!!!

The exhibition finishes with a demonstration of the work of Louis Vuitton employees. It is not just a simple job it is ART!!

I recommande this exhibition, it was free but if I had to pay I didn't regret!

DAY 70

Feb 14 2016

Today we went to the Grand Palais for a special event: Taste of Paris!
I really like this place especially for the glass roof! I love 19th century architecture and it's a pleasure to spend the day in this famous palace.

During the day, we had the chance to see famous french chefs (Guy Savoy, Thierry Marx, Frederic Anton, Juan Albanez ...) at work. So great to see them cooking.
For this event, chefs proposes food with small prices! So we can taste a lot of different thing and it's a real pleasure for me because food is one of my favorite thing in life!
And because it was Valentine's day even if I'm single we enjoy the food with champagne!

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