Apr 21 2016
Visiting family!

This year, we decided we'd try to make most our travel about visiting friends and family where they live. We've got quite the lineup so far and today we are kicking it off with visiting Kellan's cousin Kristen and her husband Anthony who moved to Malta in 2014 with their (then months old) son Henrik.

We found some cheap flights on Turkish Airlines and pulled the trigger!

John F. Kennedy International Airport

United StatesUS

Istanbul Ataturk Airport



Apr 22 2016

The nice thing about connecting in Istanbul: Turkish Airline's lounge! We meet again...last time we were here, we were on our way home from Sochi/the 2014 Winter Olympics!

Istanbul Ataturk Airport


Malta International Airport


Malta is a small island (technically, an archipelago) that only some 500,000 people call home. The Quills live in a town called Pembroke and are about a block away from the ocean road.

Kristen kindly picked us up from the airport and gave us a short tour of some of the island before swinging by home. We stopped at a site called the Mosta Dome, which is a cathedral that was attacked during WWII. A bomb was dropped on it but never went off. Apparently, Malta was a very important player for the Allies during the war. It was under British rule until 1975.

When we arrived to the house, Henrik was down for the night, but we had a quick drink with Anthony and then went back out to grab some beer, kebabs, and gelato and enjoyed a nice night in, chatting and catching up until late in the night. Our hosts may have been tired but this helped us stay on the right time track.


Apr 23 2016
Morning hike

We drove about 25 mins to Mistra Bay, picked up some breakfast and went for a short hike. Henrik was running around and climbing up the hills - very mobile! The weather was perfect and he views spectacular.

Afternoon run

Need. To stay. Awake.

Medieval Mdina
Afternoon festival time

This small fortified city happened to be having a medieval festival this weekend! They had people dressed in medieval clothing, including knights and knight gear, horses, blacksmiths, pottery, weaving, bands/processionals, and of course stands selling the occasional tchotchke.

Whole rabbit for dinner
Local restaurant where we were the only non-Maltese

Rabbit is the local fare. We ordered a whole rabbit and it came out cut up in a bowl with fries and some veggies. Rabbit tastes like...pork? Like a pork chop is the best we could come up with. It was good...I still got a steak.


Apr 24 2016
Metholithic temples
#unesco site


Apr 25 2016
Exploring the capital city




Beer me
Din din. More pasta.


Apr 26 2016
Around the world in 2 days

Today we get on a plane in Malta at 11am, transfer in Istanbul, land at JFK at 10pm. Go home, shower, unpack, repack, leave for EWR at 3:30am, get on a plane to Seoul via Dallas at 5am and land in Seoul at 3pm on Thursday. Yup.

Malta International Airport


Istanbul Ataturk Airport


John F. Kennedy International Airport

United StatesUS
Next stop, Seoul!
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