Nov 18 2016

We safely arrived in Baguio at around 4am early morning, the trip just took us 5 hours, After departing Pasay at around 11pm.

Breakfast at 50's Diner

To start our escapade, we need to fuel our body with baguio's famous Resto's and we had our brunch at this 50's/ 60's retro themed diner namely 50's DINER.

Right after the heavy Brunch we then headed to Camp John Hay ^_^

Camp John Hay,

Filled with Pine trees and numerous flowers, Camp John Hay is not just for strolling or walking or sight seeing, Camp John Hay surprisingly offers adventure packed package for everyone to enjoy the majestic view Baguio has a lot to offer.

Tree Top Adventure

Just a stones throw away from camp john hay is the adventure packed Tree Top Adventure that offers a variety of rides that you and your family and friends will surely adore.

They have sets of package to choose from, Either Slow Pace and Fast pace that would be discussed briefly by the attendant once you get there.

For us, We took the Slow Pace which consists of Canopy and Funnicking and Sky walk and Trekking.

After three rides of Canopying then you'll take a small trek proceeding to the thrillest Funnicking

After that ride we then went to the Sky Walk

Right after Camp John Hay we went to SB in session road and took a short rest, Afterwards we then proceeded to Burmingham park


Nov 19 2016

woke up early today to had our breakfast at Choco-Late de batirol. 😊😆😆😆

after breakfast we then headed to Wright Park

Right after we then headed to Ketchup situated just across Wright Park and had our lunch.

Right after the heavy lunch we then headed to HillTop for their best seller dessert called Death.... oohhhhh

we decided to take a stroll at night in SM and session road. We stopped at this Korean food stall and had a bite of their Korean streetfood.

And before we end the night, Let me show you how Baguio looks like from our rooms veranda


Nov 20 2016

Good morning!!!!
Starting up the day with this view

We had our breakfast at P85 Korean resto

Next stop: Baguio Museum

Right after Baguio Musem we then headed to the remaining Park on our List.

Welcome to Baguio's Botanical Garden

Hungry for desserts??? Yes we are, right after our very late lunch,We then headed to Ozarks. 5 kilometers away from Baguio Plaza just to try their famous cheesecake.
According to the reviews, once you tasted their cheesecake you'll forget all the other cheescakes you've eated before.
hmmmm lets see!!!

The verdict????
For the Chocolate Labuyo Cheesecake, It has a rich dark chocolate flavor with a spicy kick from the Labuyo, you could actually see the small red chili pepper and flakes included in the cake, So this is a bit fiery.. Sweet and Spicy...

For the Famous Beer Cheesecake, it was yummy, rich, soft textured cheesecake. It is indeed delicious, But if you ask me, If im willing to take the long ride and hassle of eating that cake again, umm , maybe not. Id rather go back to hilltop and savour another Death cake 😊

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