Mar 30 2016
Say YES and you'll figure it out afterwards

- Tina Fey


That was basically how EVERYTHING started. By that one conversation alone, I knew this girl was for life. Someone who shares the same passion for wanderlust, someone who leaps at the first call of adventure and someone as insane enough to agree to all the crazy spontaneous ideas I have. (By crazy, I mean CRAZY... You'll read about them soon).

We had no plans. No idea where we were headed. No clue of how anything in that city worked. Relying solely on maps and the little bit of French we knew, we both knew that half the fun of travel is the esthetic of lostness.

Though we had spent a bomb booking last minute train tickets to Paris and back, this short trip was worth every cent. I guess, travelling really is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Having only less than 8 hours to tour the city, we managed to make the best of it and having had one of the most amazing experiences. Don't think we had any sleep the night before as our hearts raced trying to imagine the adventures we would encounter together the next day.

The train ride to Paris: yet to be written

So apparently we were wrong the Arc de Triomph was not near The Lourve. It was a replica of some sort ( I'll look up the name later) but anyway we had made some beautiful pictures but the Lourve. Standing on blocs trying to get the typical Lourve picture pickings Sadly, we couldn't go in to see the Mona Lisa cause of the limited time but we made a silent promise to ourselves that we would come back.

Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu


Paris Gare de Lyon

We reached on time (thank God!) which was a good start to the day. We acted like professionals in Gare de Lyon walking around knowing exactly which metro to take and where we were headed. ( note the sarcasm )

Finally arrived at Metro Concorde having to ask for directions and triple confirming metro routes a few times to get here.

The weather was slightly chilly, damp with grey clouds and the subtle breeze got to our skin. Just as a typical day in Paris would be.

Right as we managed to exit the crowded metro station, we were greeted immediately with the most beautiful sight of the iconic metallic tower just a little more than 400m ahead of us. We looked at La Tour Eiffel like it was the first time. Seeing the surrounding area with the long water fountains, green grassed park areas, we were frozen and struck with awe. We couldn’t believe we had made it and were standing there in person, us! Both Katrina and I just stood there for a couple of minutes trying to take in the moment.
"Maybe you should pinch me, because I still can’t believe I’m here"
Musée du Lourve, Paris

So our first stop was the American Embassy because duh, it was the reason for this trip in the first place. It was pretty tight with security so our plan was that Katrina stayed outside while I went in to get my VISA and I'll be right back out.

But knowing our luck, things never went according to plan. There was a huge queue at the VISA Interview section and I ended up speaking to this one Greek guy while waiting. And when I finally made it out; no Katrina. 😂👌🏻

Was totally expecting it though; leaving this girl alone in magical Paris only to find her wandering around.. Not a shock

The American Embassy
"Paris is like the museum of people, you can really see how different they can be"
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