Jul 15 2016
End of Summer?!
NOT yet!

It's already my birth month and for us summer is not yet over. After a long preparation and planning, finally here we are ready to conquer Coron.

First Stop
April and Trazy went to my place while Schen and Yanne will go straight to the airport.

Princeton Residences


NAIA Terminal 4


We had a hard time finding a cab, good thing we meet early. The long wait is over, at last we found a cab. The twist is, we can't have our conversation because the cab driver is having a lecture about his religion which is Jehovah's Witnesses. Honestly, I'm not in the mood to listen to him due to my head hurts. l sleep late due to the scrapbook. Trazy was also in a bad mood since she want to take a nap, she came from a night shift schedule. We feel sleepy and hungry. As a good citizens and being polite, we tried to listen despite of our complaints. Haha! After a long drive, finally we arrive at the airport.

Second Stop
After arriving at the airport, we decided to have our brunch first, late breakfast and early lunch. Schen and Yanne arrive early and eat first. When we meet them, they almost done. We have tasted the Clubhouse, pricey but delicious. In the end, we did not order the clubhouse. Haha!

Third Stop
At Skyjet Airlines counter, time to check in.

Since we are early, we decided to stay here and take some photos.

We heard that our flight will be delayed. That's why we stayed here and did not go to the boarding area. They decided to buy coffee. When they came back, Yanne and I went out to buy snack.
While we are sitting calmly and eating pricey Boy Bawang, we heard our names. OMG! Last call! Haha!

Fourth Stop
At the plane...

NAIA Terminal 4


جزيرة كورون Francisco B Reyes Airport


Deep sigh, no pictures for Yanne and Trazy due to we are on a last call. Haha! Don't worry, we will take photos inside the plane.

After settling our baggage, time to take photos.

Fasten your seatbelt, lift up window shades and phone on a plane mode. Ready for take-off!

Enjoying the view from top.
Isn't it amazing! How can a metal fly?
Thanks to The Physics of Flight (Newton and Bernoulli).
Weh, feeling Physicist!

Again, isn't it Amazing!
After 30minutes, we are ready for landing. It's just 35minutes from Manila to Busuanga Island. While it took almost 6hours of our time from our place to board the plane.

Looking for our car and guide.
Kuya, where have you been?
We are waiting for you.

When Schen saw her name on a white board from our guide, she want to take photo with it. Granted!

جزيرة كورون Francisco B Reyes Airport


Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast


No choice but to seat at the back.
Good thing, hotel is not far from airport unlike going to El Nido.

CORON, ready for us?!
This is really is it!
Coron experience, begins!

Welcome to Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast!
We will be staying here for 5days and 4nights.

Free Time!
Our tour will officially start tomorrow.
We have free time to stroll around the town. Good thing, our hotel is in the Coron town proper. After arranging our things, we decided to go out to look for a place to eat.

We ask personnel in our hotel, where we can eat food that are delicious and affordable. Also, April and Trazy asked where is the Kapilya.

Seventh Stop
We decided to eat our linner in Carl's BBQ, late lunch and early dinner.

After we ordered, April and Trazy leave to look and visit their Kapilya.

And while waiting for our food...
What else to do but to take more photos.

After eating, ready to stroll in the town.


Jul 16 2016

Good Morning Coron! 🌞 Time to get up and prepare for our tour.
We thought that breakfast will ready to serve like in El Nido. But we're wrong! Hotel personnel advised us to go down already and order our food for them to prepare and cook.
We are just about to eat but our guide already here to pick us. He said he will come back shortly when we're done with our food.

After breakfast, time to start the tour. Our guide accompanied us to the port for Island hopping.

Few reminders from our boat guide for safety and precautions. Snorkel equipment and water shoes for rent. Today we will be doing Tour A which composed of Green Lagoon, CYC Beach, ILas de CoraLe, Atwayan Beach and Kayangan Lake.

Finally, waiting is over!
Coron Tour A begins...

Since we will travel approximately 30minutes going to our first stop,
what else to do aside from enjoying the view? Picture taking it is!

After half an hour, we arrived at our destination.

First Stop
Green Lagoon

Photo Shoot 📷 & Swimming 👙

After an hour, ready for next destination.

Second & Third Stop
CYC Beach and ILas de Corale

Picture Taking 📷, Swimming 👙 and Snorkeling 🏊

Ilas de Corale is the snorkeling site. I did not try the snorkel since no boat will guide to the place.

Picture taking while waiting for Schen and other tourists from their snorkeling.

We saw vendor selling food in the middle of the sea. We bought Turon and Royal for snacks.

It's almost lunch time.
We will be having our lunch in our next destination.

Fourth Stop
Atwayan Beach

Lunch 🍴 Swimming 🏊 &
Chilling Out 🍸

Wandering around the island and picture taking while waiting for our lunch.

Down to our last destination and the highlight of Tour A.

Fifth and Last Stop
Kayangan Lake

Picture Taking 📷
Snorkeling & Swimming 🏊

View deck of Kayangan Lake was approximately 300 steps.
Picture taking while going up to ease our weary.

After freshen up, time to look for a place to eat. We decided to have our dinner at Kawayanan Grill suggested by personnel in our hotel.
Did not expect to meet in the restaurant our new found friends from tour. They already ordered their dinner. We transferred inside to have just one table.

Time to sleep and get some rest.
Good Night Coron! 🌙🌠
See you tomorrow.


Jul 17 2016

Good Morning Coron! 🌞
Thank you Lord for a beautiful weather.
Time to get up and prepare for today's activity. We are early compare yesterday since we already aware that our breakfast should be ordered first before cooking.

Today, we will be doing Tour C which composed of 3 islands.

We will travelling for about an hour to reach our first destination. After the meet and greet with the group, time for picture taking.

Goddesses of Ocean 😜
insert Trazy whose not feeling well

First Stop
Malcapuya Island

Picture Taking 📷 Swimming 👙
Snorkeling 🏊 Fish Feeding 🐠🐟

While waiting for our tour guide for his preparation in our photo shoot, we will have first our own picture taking.

Photo shoot 📷
The Women in Clam

This is it!
Swimming👙Snorkeling 🏊
Fish Feeding 🐠

Second Stop
Banana Island 🍌

Lunch 🍴 Swimming 🏊 Chilling Out 🍹

After lunch, it's siesta time and chilling out at the beach. Wandering in the island, picture taking and swimming.

Third and Last Stop
Bulog Dos Island

Swimming 🏊 Photo Shoot 📷 Sunset ⛅

This is it!
It's our turn!

Trending, from Day 1 last call on our flight, Day 2 last to leave at Kayangan Lake and Day 3 last to go back at the boat when we are in Banana & Bulog Dos Island. Hopefully this will be the last! 😜

Since it's late and we are already hungry, we just decided to have our dinner at the hotel. After freshen up, time to go down and eat.

Since the night is still young, let's go to Blue Moon Resto Bar. Schen wish to go there so we will just grant her wish. Haha!

We can sleep late since our tour tomorrow will start at 4pm. So we have lot of time to sleep and rest for tomorrow's activity.

Time to go back to our hotel
to sleep and get some rest.
Good Night Coron! 🌙🌠
See you tomorrow.


Jul 18 2016

Good Morning Coron! 🌞
Again, thank you Lord for a beautiful weather.

Time to eat breakfast!

Since our tour will start at 4pm, we decided to start looking for souvenirs.

That's it for part 1 of our souvenir hunting. Time to go to our hotel and get some rest for our tour later.

Time Checked: 3:30PM
Ready for today's activity.

We will be doing the Coron Town Tour which include Lualhati Park, Pasalubong Center, Mt. Tapyas & Maquinit Hotspring.

First Stop
Lualhati Park
Picture Taking 📷

Second Stop
Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop

Part 2 of our Souvenir hunting...

Third Stop
Mt. Tapyas
Trekking 👣 Picture Taking 📷
Sunset Viewing 🌅

Excited for our climb in Mt. Tapyas, it has approximately 721 steps.
Let's do this!

After a while, time for "kulitan" and picture taking.

Schen is busy taking panorama while we are taking a groufie.

Fourth and Last Stop
Maquinit Hotspring
Swimming & Relaxing

It's already dark when we arrived,
time to explore the place first and take some photos before going to the pool.

OMG! It's hot! Haha!
At first, I can't bear it but eventually I'm able to withstand the temperature of the water. Actually, it's relaxing.

Ops! Time is up!

We don't have any clothes to change. We forgot that we will be riding in a van and not in a boat.
That's why here we are...

After eating ice cream while watching GGV, time to rest and get ready for tomorrow's flight. This is our last night and last to say...
Good Night Coron! 🌙🌠


Jul 19 2016

Good Morning Coron! 🌞
Again, thank you Lord for a beautiful weather. Last day of our vacation. How sad! Since it's our last day, let's make the most of it.
Actually it's just 1day extension of our original plan of 4-day vacation but due to our travel agent got our flight today instead of yesterday, well we can't do about it and since no additional payment, we grabbed it.
Today, no free breakfast so we go out to look for a place to eat and again we continue the souvenir hunting.

Welcome back to Manila!
Such a wonderful Coron experience.
We're back to the reality meaning back to work!

OMG! Almost 4hrs from airport to Gateway. I feel tired and hungry. We only had our lunch which is the snack in the plane. Abril need to go home already since she had a commitment to attend to, while Trazy and I eat first in foodcourt before going to work and home respectively. Schen & Yanne have different route from us.

End of story!
'Til next travel.

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