Mar 14 2015
Yahgitz' Taste of Summer!

Yahgitz are traveling once a year and this is our 5th year of discovering beauty of Philippines.
Unfortunately, Glo & Tito Bes were not able to join in this travel. Actually, this tour is for them before they got married. Slots took by Jason & Abril.
After some preparations, here we are, all set and ready to conquer El Nido!

First Stop
Abril, Lj and Jason went to my place while Cy, Bi & Ramir will go straight to the airport.

Princeton Residences


NAIA Terminal 3


OMG! Traffic in Edsa, we thought we will not arrived in airport on time. Good thing, Cy already do the check-in through web.

Second Stop
After arriving at the airport, we go straight to the boarding area.

NAIA Terminal 3


Puerto Princesa


Third Stop
At the plane...
Cebu Pacific, "It's time everyone flies."

Fourth Stop
After an hour, ready for landing.

Puerto Princesa


El Nido


It's a long drive. We will be traveling around 6 hours going to El Nido. And because of that, let's take a nap.
After a long hrs of drive, it's already dark and we are all hungry.
Also, it's very cold in the van, how about me? I'm in a summer outfit. Thanks to Abril for lending her shawl.

Fifth Stop
Stop-over in a restaurant to have dinner and cr break.

Sixth Stop
Finally after a long drive, thanks God we arrived safe & sound.
Hello El Nido!

After freshen-up, time to rest and be prepare for tomorrow's activity.

Good Night El Nido! 🌙🌠
See you tomorrow,
I'm excited to meet you!


Mar 15 2015

Good Morning El Nido! 🌞
Thank you Lord for a beautiful weather.
Time to get up and prepare for our tour.

First Stop
7 Commando Island
Picture Taking 📷 Swimming 👙

Second Stop
Secret Lagoon
Picture Taking 📷 Swimming 👙

Third Stop
Shimizu Island
Lunch 🍴 CR Break 🚻

We can't have our lunch in the beach since there are no available space. That's why we need to have our lunch at the boat. The twist is we can't also find space to dock our boat and we end at the left side of the beach where the waves are strong.

But before lunch, let me tell you a short story.
Once upon a time, there is this girl who have a weak stomach. One day, this girl was called by nature. The girl has a "bf" and asked her to go with her. The girl said to her bf that if you really are my bf you will go with me. So to prove her friendship with the girl, she go with her.
To make the story short, here is the evidence. Haha! ✌

Fourth Stop
Big Lagoon
Picture Taking 📷 Sight Seeing 👀
Sailing ⛵

Fifth Stop
Small Lagoon
Kayaking 🚣 Relaxing 🙆 Bonding 👪

After freshen-up...

Bf and I are planning to give a little surprise for Lj & Bi. Perfect timing, we are going to change location. We told them to go first at the Squidos Hilltop and we will accompany Abril since she has something to buy. Thanks Abril for being our alibi. But the challenge is we can't find any cake. Bakeries and other stores were already closed. Indeed, we can say that we are in a province or should we say in an island. The only open are groceries. No choice, we need to be creative. We bought cupcakes and lollipops to make something in replacement to the cake. But, we have another challenge we can't find candle except for the big and long candles. We decided not to buy candle since we can't find any.

We asked the help of restobar staff to put the lollipops in the cupcakes. We also ask if they have candles. Haha!

Time to go back to our cottages. But before that, picture taking first.

Time to sleep and get some rest.
Good Night El Nido! 🌙🌠
See you tomorrow.


Mar 16 2015

Good Morning El Nido! 🌞
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day.
Time to get up and prepare for today's tour.

Today's schedule:
Nacpan & Calitang: The Twin Beaches of El Nido

Swimming 👙 Chilling-out 🍹
Food tripping 🍴 Sunset Viewing 🌅
Picture Taking 📷

After dinner, they continue the drinking session at the cottage. One on one interview of Cy with the boys. Ramir, Man of the Hour on a hot seat and the hot topic is Bi and their love story.
Ops, time is up! We need to rest for our activity later. Sorry Jayson, someone take your time. Haha! We will have your interview next time.

Good Night El Nido! 🌙🌠
Or should we say Good Morning El Nido!
We need to wake up early for our next tour.


Mar 17 2015

Good Morning El Nido! 🌞
If they have hangover due to alcohol, I have hangover with the interview. Haha!
Thank you Lord for another beautiful day! Time to get up and prepare for today's tour.

First Stop
Helicopter Island
Picture Taking 📷 Swimming 👙 Snorkeling 🏊

Third Stop
Matinloc Shrine
Lunch 🍴 Trekking 👣 Praying ⛪
Life Threatening Photo Shoot 📷

After trekking and life-threatening photo shoot, we need energy boosters. Need to charge, we're already hungry.

After our mouth-watering lunch, time to relax and chill. Of course no one can stop us in picture taking. Haha!

Fourth Stop
Star Beach
Snorkeling 🏊 Chilling-out 🍹

I and AbriL just stay in the boat while they are busy in snorkeling. We are also busy in taking pictures.

Fifth and Last Stop
Secret Beach
Relaxing 🙆 Chillin-out 🍹 Swimming 👙 Bonding Time 👥

Time to go back to our cottage and catch the last trip of van going back to Puerto Princesa, we will be staying there for one night before our flight to Manila.

We already arrived late in the pension house that we will be staying for a night. To our surprise, the room that we will be occupying is too big for us.


Mar 18 2015

Good Morning Puerto Princesa! 🌞
Thank you Lord for a beautiful weather.
Last day of our tour, we had a great sleep.
We need to leave early so that we have enough time to atleast stroll in the city and look for souvenirs.
To do that, while others are preparing we are having our breakfast.

After buying souvenirs and food, time to go to the airport.

Back to the reality, to the real world! Haha!
Bi, Ramir & Cy have the same route while Lj, Jay & Abril go with me. Lj & Jay already go straight to the bus terminal since they need to go home early.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful tour with Yahgitz, another memories to be treasured forever. A fun, relaxing and great experience in such a majestic place. Looking forward for more years of adventures with you guys.

End of story!
'Til next travel.

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