May 22 2016
Just landed Jeddah!
Time to get some nap before heading out later
Full tummy 👍🏻
Done with the things I need to do. Bed time!


May 23 2016
Goodmoring Jeddah! Rise and shine
Dinner time - Grilled Chicken!
Goodnight Jeddah 💤


May 24 2016
Went to the gold souk to buy some gold! Cool...
Preparing for my mall escapade

Hotel Trident

Saudi ArabiaSA

Red Sea Mall

Saudi ArabiaSA

We went to the Red Sea Mall, it was a big mall and its a bit far from Trident Hotel. The travel time may take you around 15-20 mins without any traffic but when the traffic strikes it will definitely take around 45-50 mins travel by car. Traffic in jeddah specially in this part of the city is bad.

There are a lot of stores to look over the mall both affordable and expensive brands.

Along the road, you'll see mansion homes owned by wealthy locals of jeddah. Big houses with huge gates and amazing cars.


Saudi ArabiaSA

Hotel Trident

Saudi ArabiaSA
From gold souk, time to take a shower! 🚿


May 25 2016
Good morning, I just woke up...

Done with breakfast. Back in the room, time to pack up and head to #Dubai

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Saudi ArabiaSA

Dubai International Airport

United Arab EmiratesAE
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