Aug 12 2016
5am Wake up Call

Newark Liberty International Airport

United StatesUS

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

United StatesUS

Salt Lake City International Airport

United StatesUS

Had an uneventful flight to Dallas early and snoozed about half of it (had crazy dreams about seeing where we were flying and diving in rivers and hitting birds and old dreams I know I've had resurfacing). Had a long layover, so I hung out at the Amex Centurion Lounge and did work.

Second flight was also uneventful and I read the whole time. Oh I was upgraded 😎.

When I landed I found a bar and did another hour of work. Waiting for Kellan to be done with his audit to pick me up so we can head to Park City!

Salt Lake City International Airport

United StatesUS

Park City

United StatesUS
Hotel for the weekend
Welcome drinks!

We got to see the bride and groom, Eric and Erika! Reminder: Eric is a Bucknell friend, SigEp and lived with Kellan for several years. We also said hi to other friends we never see like Wil and Fiona (who we get to see again next weekend!) Pierre, and Iggy (who we were bunking with for the weekend). We headed to another bar at some point and then went home around 12.

Fun facts about Utah bar law:
1) any beer brewed in Utah and served from a tap (draught) has to be less than 4% ABV
2) any drink made with liquor is regulated and is only one shot
3) they don't accept just any photo ID as proof of age, only US licenses or any passport


Aug 13 2016
Let's go hiking

We weren't exactly excited about getting up early but knew we'd regret not getting outside and moving. We got some coffee and walked through the resort village to the beginning of the trail and waited for the snack shop to open. Kellan got a wrap and I some chili and Wil and Fiona joined us then were on our way.

Beginning of the trail!

We struggled a little with walking and eating and walking and talking...and walking in general, as the altitude was getting up there! We started around 7,000ft and ended at around 9,000.

Lift Down
Time to get Bonded up

When we got back to hotel we got ready and headed to the church for the main event!

Supermarket stop

We were hungry so we stopped to get sandwiches at a supermarket and ate them in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle to the reception.

Chairlifts and Cocktails

At the lodge where the reception was we took chairlifts up to another area for cocktail hour. Beautiful sights.

Does James Bond even party?

We headed back down into the reception lodge, which was beautiful in its own right. The added simple decorations looked nice. There was a photo booth with James Bond cut outs and toy guns and other things and lots of fun decorations. There were signature martinis, which were too sweet for me but right up Kellan's alley.

We got seated at the Bucknell table and I sat next to former Bucknell reverend, Father Marty, who I don't think I ever met before but who was pretty hilarious for a priest.

Lots of ceremony and tradition and dinner, which was yum, then finally dancing. The sad part, I'd get winded after one song and need a break, and forget about dancing and singing along!


Aug 14 2016
Morning after brunch

Meal was even better than dinner the night before. There was everything. And the view was spectacular.

After brunch, me, Kellan and Iggy spent the rest of the day on Main Street in Park City at a distillery restaurant and at a brew pub. It was relaxing and a beautiful day. The weather the whole weekend was amazing and it made me so sad to have to go back to NYC weather 😩

The bride and groom net up with us for dinner and then we headed back to Salt Lake City. Dropped off Iggy at the airport (poor guy had a 12am flight, but it's his own fault) and made it to a hotel for the night.


Aug 15 2016
6am wake up

Kellan dropped me off at the airport for my 8am flight and he headed to day two of his audit. I spent the day with two flights and working.

Salt Lake City International Airport

United StatesUS

Newark Liberty International Airport

United StatesUS

When I got home I went for a run, did dishes, did a little more work and relaxed for a bit before hopping in bed.

3 days till next wedding weekend
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