Oct 17 2015
Vive la France!

My first trip alone EVER, was when I went to France for the exchange program.
Was I scared? A bit since it was my first time away from my family.
Was I excited? YES!!! It was FRANCE. I worked hard to get just enough grades to get the chance to go to France. I heard a couple of scary stories that happened in Paris but I made sure to be cautious and had the best time of my LIFE!!


Oct 18 2015
The city of Romance
MUST STOP for all tourists who visit France

So many people have told me about how beautiful and romantic Paris was and got me really pumped up to see all the sights there! I know I was afraid of Paris at first... but after making friends at school listening to them talk about the beautiful sights of Paris, I made up my mind to go! I saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, the palace of Versailles, the Louvre museum... I hit just about every major tourist sight! I wished that my family was with me to enjoy the view :( So I made sure to take a lot of pictures.


Oct 19 2015

Eiffel Tower



My first time in a subway!


Oct 20 2015
La gastronomie!

Oh the food!
I've heard of the famous snails (escargo) and goose liver (foie gras) and was quite excited to try them. There were also rabbit dishes and frog legs that were being served! To top that off, I learned a bit about wine (le vin) as well. I had red, white, and rose wines, and they were very easy to get from the markets or liquor stores for a very low price compared to ones back home. I won't say how many of the bottles I drank but... I can say that I have somewhat gotten accustomed to wine ;)
C'est tres bien!

Since we're talking about food... I HAD to get to Lyon. Lyon is known for their gastronomy and famous chefs.

Lyon is known for a lot of things... one of them for FOOD! Many famous chefs have passed by here, honing their skills and upping the food department even more. I was lucky to have been in Lyon - I visited 4 out of 5 Paul Bocuse restaurants and tried out bizarre menus that I have never even heard of in America. Everything about France made my experience all the better.

Of course there were all the popular food chains like McDonalds, (they call it McDo here), Starbucks, and other food places but I really enjoyed the small bakeries (boulangeries) around almost every corner of Paris.
It was also fun talking with the locals whenever I visited the shops. They were so friendly despite my lack of skills in French. A lot of the Parisians spoke English very well! (Which made things a lot easier for me... and made me a bit lazy as well ;P)

and we can't forget the CAFES


Oct 21 2015

What would I do without friends?
One of the things that I was really afraid of was not being able to make friends. But boy was I wrong. The students at the university- exchange students from other countries and the French students were all so very nice to me! We had house parties and gatherings by The Seine, where we had picnics and dances at night. They helped me a lot with French and some of the school paperwork that I had to fill out. They also told me about the secret places that no tourists would know. I miss them so much!!!


Oct 22 2015
La tour de Eiffel
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