Apr 18 2014
Yahgitz' Surfing Summer in Baler

Yahgitz are traveling once a year and this is our 4th year of discovering beauty of Philippines. Unfortunately, Glo was not able to to join in this travel. We have new set of companions, some are from last year tour, the extended family and friends of Yahgitz.
This is the second time to have our tour in a holy week.
Assembly at McDonalds near Trinoma then wait Lj in Pampanga.
Time passed, still no sign or shadow of Lj! Haha! Lj, where are you?
Finally after hours of waiting, here comes Lj.
Here we go, ready for Baler!





We arrived at Baler late lunchtime due to traffic. We passed many processions having penance since it is Good Friday!
After check-in, we just leave our things in our room and go out to look food for lunch.
OMG! "Stop Order" status of every restaurant, store and carinderia. We are already hungry. Woah, unexpected fasting!

Our tour will officially start tomorrow, for now we have free time to stroll the beach.

Others rent a bicycle and went around to the vicinity.

After dinner, since the night is still young, we decided to take a night walk.

Time to rest and be prepared for tomorrow's activity.

Good Night Baler! 🌙🌠
See you tomorrow.


Apr 19 2014

Good Morning Baler! 🌞
Time to get up and prepare for our tour.

After 30 min to 1hr of trek, finally we arrived at Mother Falls. Since it's holy week, there are many tourists in the falls.

While they are busy in swimming, Lj and I are also busy taking pictures. 😊

After a while, we decided to go back since we have another place to go to. On our way we found mini falls and decided to take some photos.😊

Time to have a snack before going to our next destination.

After our tour, we go to the beach to check if we can already do the surfing but unfortunately we can't do the activity yet. So, we end up taking plenty of pictures in just one spot using Jo's gopro. 😀

Here are some pictures from our "kulitan" moment.


Apr 20 2014

Good Morning Baler! ☀️
Last day of our tour.
Time to get up and prepare for today's activity. The highlight, which is surfing time!

Before we start the action, time to listen and understand all the safety precautions from our guide. 😊

After surfing, time to prepare for our check-out and visit other tourist spot before traveling home.

First Stop Museo de Baler

Second Stop Balete Tree

Short but full of happy moments. Looking forward for more years of adventures with you guys.

'Til next travel.

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