May 13 2017
Santorini feels at Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point, La Union

Cubao Bus Terminal


San Fernando


It was a 5 hours ride from Partas Cubao to San Fernando La Union. The fare is about 400 - 600 depending on the type of bus you choose. Ordinary aircon buses cost around 400+ and the deluxe bus cost around 500+. Just ask the conductor to drop you off at Monumento. Then take a tricycle to the resort 50/pax. Ask for the tricycle driver's number so he could also pick you up.

Arrive at La Union by 7am. So we had a breakfast buffet which cost 680/pax. The resort had a few choices when it comes to their pricy breakfast buffet but we're hungry so, no choice because ala carte meals can only be served at 10am after the buffet.

There's only a FEW choices on their menu and I do think that the price is reasonable because its for sharing. But the waiter told us that the meals are only good for 1pax but when our order arrive, the serving is definitely good for 2pax, wasted money because we aren't able to finish our meal! The taste is okay, nothing really special.

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