Apr 22 2016

NAIA Terminal 3


Puerto Princesa


April 22:
After months of planning and endless time to time checking for a seat sale.. The time has come for me and my friends to have our well deserved vacation to El Nido Palawan. Thank you to CebuPacific for the seatsale.. :)

We were supposedly to depart manila at 2:45PM but the repairs at the run way at the NAIA terminal 3 caused our flight to be delayed for 3 hours.. :( we departed Manila at around 6:30PM.. :(

Puerto Princesa


El Nido


April 22: We arrived safely at Puerto Princesa Palawan at around 7:30PM.. It was a calm flight but it did not end there.. We need to travel atleast 6-7hours bus ride to El Nido Palawan.. Since we decided to do a DIY trip.. And booking an exclusive van as our transfer costs too much, we have 2 options left. 1st is to ride the Cherry Bus that costs 550 one way and secondly hire a shared van which costs 600.. Since we don't want to wait for the 9pm scheduled bus trip, we opted the shared van. Goodthing Cebu Pacific arranges land transfers as well. Atleast we survived!! 😂😂


Apr 23 2016

April 23: We arrived around 2:30 AM at El Nido Palawan. We checked in at View Deck Cottages located 5 minute walk to the beach of El Nido. Since it was at the wee hours in the morning when we arrived, we were not able to see the view of the beach which the accomodation that we selected promotes at their website.

Technically this day would still be considered as day 1.. But hey,, the date changed so its day 2!! :) We survived the gruelling, tiring and butt-aching 6-7 hours bus ride to el nido.. Not to mention the zigzag road that we have to endure during the land transpo.. 😭😭We need to charge up our body and wanderlust spirits to enjoy this paradise... :) so we all dozed off.. :)

April 23: At exactly 6AM, with barely 4 hours of sleep.. We woke up to a beautiful sun rise and over looking the El Nido island with magnificent Lime Stones and lush clear waters.. Excitement filled up our weary and sleepy bodies as we prepare ourselves for the day ahead of us.. :)

El Nido has a standard rate for all of their trip. Whether you book in advance or not, all tour operators would charge you the same. We booked our island tour with our accomodation. We just have to pay 200 for the environmental fee which is good for 10 days.
All booking were done and so the adventure begins.. :) 1st stop.. The Seven Commando Beach.. :)

Nothing much to do with this island but to enjoy the sand, the sun and relax under the coconut tree. However, food here costs a little, example bananaque costs 50 pesos but its buy one take one. 1 coconut would cost around 50 pesos as well.

And there goes the beautiful island of the Seven Commando beach.. :) If you think that Island was beautiful.. Wait until you see the Big Lagoon. Well if you type in Big Lagoon at Google, you'd be mesmirized by it already.. But it feels alot different when you experience it 1st hand.. 😊 lucky me!! I got to see it with my own two beautiful eyes.. 😍😍

You cannot swim at Big Lagoon since according to our trusted tour guide, there are alot of jelly fish that could sting you anytime. But hey, enjoying the Big Lagoon on the boat is so much worth it.

If there is Big then there should be small right? And right you are.. There is also a small lagoon.. The difference is that you can explore the lagoon via Kayak.. And you can swim around and enjoy the view.. Mind you.. The water is very clear but it goes 40 feet deep..but ofcorse there's the life saver.. The life vest for those scared of the deep blue sea.. :) I'm guilty of it.. 😜😜

And as we sail away back to the port.. My spirits are high since we still have the next day to enjoy this paradise.. 😊


Apr 24 2016

And here goes Day 3.
You can enjoy the place by means of boat. Island hopping is the major activity that you can do at this place. Travelling with a big group is fun since you get that chance to meet other people.. That's one of the fun part in travelling.. 😊

El Nido will feed your eyes with marine life. You get to see different sea creatures.. Mostly fish (hahaha) but also corals and even tiny baby jelly fish.. 😊

We headed to Hidden Beach.. I get it when they say it's hidden but for that beach it shouldn't stay hidden!! Well all I can say is.. It was a gem among the lagoons in El Nido..😊 and good thing they found it!!

And ofcorse.. With any travel.. Food is a must!! Good thing tour arrangements here in El Nido comes with lunch packages.. Less trouble packing and bringing food along.. 😊 and the common misconceptions with arranged lunch is that they won't satsify you at all. But guess what.. The food that was served to us was heaven.. Fresh sea foods, grilled pork and ofcorse.. FRUITS!!!


Apr 25 2016
Travel as many as you can and as far as you can.. 😊

El Nido has always been thought that you need to be ultra mega rich to enjoy this place. But its really not.. :)

Here is our detailed expenses.. :)
Hotel: View Deck Cottages--- 5700for 3 nights good for 3 persons (1900 per person)
Island Hopping -- 2,200 for two days per head
Land transpo from airport to el nido and vise-versa-- 900
Dinner: 690 for two nights (we spoiled ourselves)
Breakfast and Lunch: free for 2 days
Airfare: 2300 but you can get cheaper rates if you get the seat sale

All for 7,990 you can enjoy the paradise.. :)



Apr 28 2016
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