"Tara na sa Sagada at hanapin ang ating tadhana."

It happened last December 16-18 2016. My team leader announced that our team building will be in Sagada.
Everyone wants to visit this kind of place including me of course! So when my TL said that, I really can't believed it. I mean I can't believed what I heard and I'm so excited.

December 16, around 10:30 pm we take off from our office.
Around 6am we reached Ifugao in Benguet and we eat breakfast in one of the famous stop over, where in you can also see the beautiful view of Banaue Rice Terraces.

So from Banaue Rice Terraces we have to travel another 5 or 6 hours for us to reach our main destination which is Sagada!

I was awake the whole trip because I don't want to missed the beautiful view of this place and besides my father told me not to go to sleep whenever you travel, you know just for safety, so I have stay awake. But of course sometimes my eyes can't take it anymore and for I don't know how long I would close my eyes and took a nap.

Its a strange feeling again whenever you travel in a province. The smell, the surroundings, the view, fresh air, the cold winds just like when I travel back to Masbate and Davao, but the this time the air was getting colder.

I was so amazed what I saw while on the road. The people, the houses, plants, pine trees, especially the fog and big mountains. Sometimes I was a bit scared when I stared on the other side of the road because it was so deep and your on the top of a mountain like you can't imagine yourself still alive when you fall.

I really enjoyed it the whole time. It was one of the most memorable road trip for me so far. Plus the things that we did inside the car, sometimes we sang together following the beat of music playing inside the car, sometimes one of my team mate always joke around and all of us are laughing so hard.

Around 12pm we arrived in Kiltepan Sagada (at last) where our rest house located. And it added my amusement when I saw the rest house. It was like we are in the middle of a mountain surrounded by pine trees.

We just change our clothes and after 30 minutes we take off again. And that's the adventure begins!

After the Sumaging Cave adventure we stopped in one of the famous cafe and resto in Sagada to relax, take a sip of coffee and ate the delicious lemon pie.

Later that night, at last we had a chance to rest after a very long ride and adventure and also we don't have enough sleep. We we're chilling, drinking while sharing stories.

The next day, we woke up 4am because we have another adventure to do and this is the finale.

We have to hike from our rest house to Kiltepan Peak to see the sunrise. Well it was not too far and although the wind was so cold at that early morning.

When we reached the Kiltepan Peak it was still dark but there are lots of people already. I don't know if they stayed there overnight or they're just so early.

We waited a couple of hours to see the beautiful sunrise but I guess it was a bad timing because the sun didn't showed up, I guess because of fog around the mountain. But you will still appreciate the stunning view. That feeling like you are on the top of a mountain and all you can see is fog and feel the very cold wind. I also can't help to see what's below the mountain though it was scary because I think its a hundred feet, I guess.

Well it was a dream come true to be in this place. Its a very popular place, I just saw this in TV's, and pictures but now I AM HERE!

It was featured in Angelica Panganiban's movie "That thing called Tadhana". Some of the tourist we're shouting just like what Angelica did.

I just observed and I noticed that this place wasn't only for those who are heartbroken (like me,chos!). There are also couples, barkada's, and families

Though we coudn't see the sunrise because of the fog we still appreciate the stunning view, it was so beautiful!

After the Kiltepan Peak we go back to our rest house and ate breakfast. Then fixed our stuff and ready to go back to Manila.

Well going back to Manila, it was a long ride again but this time seems like something has changed and coudn't figure out what it is. All I know is that I am still overwhelmed in all the things that I saw, what I did and even what I eat.

We bought some souvenirs in Baguio before we head back to Manila.

I don't want to go back to Manila yet, I wanted to stay for a while but we have to face the reality again.

Indeed its one of my most unforgetable memories and experience. I hope someday I will come back in Sagada with my family.

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Thanks ❤

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