Nov 14 2016





Nagoya Station


Kyoto Station


OK, made my first real stuff up so far. Lessons learned : If your ticket says the train leaves at 12:19, don't get on the one sitting at the station at 12:17 thinking it's a bit early. It's not, its actually another train. I was supposed to get the "go fast" train covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Instead I got on the "Go so fast you arrive before you left train" This isn't covered by the JR Pass, 'fessed up to the authorities (basically couldn't give a toss) ... So far so good looks like I'm in Kyoto... TBA

Have a bit of time to kill before I get to the hotel and check in. Mr. Google is telling me there is a camera store nearby...

So did I buy anything? Yes. Yes I did... But before you get all judgy I am still well under my daily budget ;)

So all checked in (great hotel) went for a quick walk to orientate myself. Mainly a rest, research and recuperate night (my feet are in bits!) So that's it for me...

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