Jun 18 2017
QA's Playtime @ Inflatable Island
"The Biggest Floating Playground in Asia"

This is it!
The much awaited Team Building of QA AM shift. Who said that we can't have our summer outing in June? 😂

After a tough deliberations and many regroup, from Crystal Beach Resort to Bakasyunan Iba Zambales to Baler to Cavite to Pansul Laguna to La Union to Bakasyunan Tanay Rizal, finally we reached our summer destination, the "Inflatable Island" in Zambales. 😂

Big Thanks to Nica for booking our tickets and transportation.

Assembly at Gateway Cubao, call time 3:00AM to 3:30AM.

All are excited especially our Team Lead Arthur Mora. But wait, what happened? Late?! 😂

The long wait is over, finally the VVIP arrived. Yehey, this is really is it!

Taco Bell


Inflatable Island


While waiting for Art & Nica to get our gate pass, we are busy taking pictures. 😂

Gate is not yet open, so we just decided to take our breakfast. 😂

A N E P I C B R E A K F A S T 🍳
We ordered our breakfast while waiting for the rest of the team. After getting our gate pass, they followed us here but unfortunately personnel at the store said that they will not entertain any additional order since they have somewhere to go to. Okay fine! But you don't need to be irritated brother, we're not informed. We just decided to have our breakfast in your store and we don't see any problem with that since your store is open. It's our fault that we have many food to order but you should not take our order in the first place if you need to close the store and go out. I'm just concerned brother because early in the morning you are frowning. 😂 Additional order may be entertain but it's only a noodles 🍜 with egg. TL Art just decided to have the noodles while others will have their breakfast in the resort.

Yey! Time to eat! But wait there's more, one order of Tapsilog was not counted. Bert, please explain! Haha 😂
[FYI, Bert proactively became the waiter and took our orders. Thanks Bert for taking our orders]
Unfortunately it was Serge whose the lucky one that no food for breakfast. Yeah lucky one because his meal became combo. 😂 That's the spirit of sharing and meaning of the word T E A M.
Same goes with Big & Little Mora, of course we will not let you just eat noodles. Luckily, they have extra rice.
It's already settled, finally we can eat!
To express Serge's deepest gratitude for having a combo breakfast meal, he paid for the extra rice. 😂

Second Stop Shower Area
After the orientation and signing of waiver, next step changing of outfit. 😂 Since we have the whole day pass we can start anytime we want.

Picture taking after changing our OOTD.😊

After a few minutes, we decided to start playing at the island. 😂

Since we can't go further in other parts and can't do the activities in the island, we just decided to have a pictorial. 😂

After our picture taking, we decided to go back to the lounge to rest. But when we get there, we found out that Julie's pink pouch was missing. Epic because instead of worrying about her phone she is more concern that her plastic bag for wet clothes is in the pouch. 😂 We call her phone and it's still ringing but we can't find it in our area. She asked Ran if they saw pink pouch and said that none, so that's the time that Julie concluded that her phone is really missing.😂
Since it's not the first time losing a phone, she already know what to do. She started changing all her passwords and already notify her friends in fb that her phone is missing.
But when we see Art V, we asked if he saw pink pouch, he said that Ice get the pouch in her bag to put it in the locker.
Boom 💥 haha epic, phone is not missing! The truth revealed when Ice came back from swimming. Haha!

It's already 12nn, time to have our lunch.

Here we are again, having hard time to look for lunch. Finally, we found a carinderia under the tree. 😂

Most of us, ordered Chicken Caldereta while other go for Boiled Pork Soup and the epic Sautéed Vegetable of Serge that was placed in chafing dish and did not transfer by the store personnel in bowl or plate since it is already the last order.

From the epic ordering of food, looking for utensils and glass [ ⚠️ Please handle with care since it is the glass of their manager 😂] up to waiting other customers to vacate the seats. Finally, we can already have our lunch!

We are all settled and started eating, while TL Art is still busy ordering his food. Haha consistent from call time to breakfast and then to lunch. 😂 And because of that, he had the epic burnt rice for lunch.

Thank you for the drinks, mangoes and shrimp paste (alamang).

After lunch, time to go back to the lounge to prepare for team's activity.

After the tough deliberation in groupings, presenting the two teams that will battle.

Take a pose, before the battle begin.

Camera Rolling...

After verification, Blue Team wins! 😂
Congrats 🍾

Time to go home!
Short but full of happy moments.
Looking forward for more years of adventures with you guys.

'Til next travel.

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