Mar 25 2017
"Travelling is like enjoying a 55 inch Pizza... the BEST, when shared!" 👣🌎

April 15 is near and our mental stress are piling up. Back aches. Panda eyes. And Blood that looks almost like coffee. 😖 But before everything falls into darkness 😂, we decided to recharge ourselves by hitting the beach 😎.

White sand, water activities and night life that is the same with Boracay - Yoohoo, Puerto Galera!

Puerto Galera (Port of Galleon 📖😊) is a Municipality in Oriental Mindoro. It takes atleast 3 1/2 hours bus ride from Manila to Batangas Port and an hour to Puerto Galera via ferry.

But our actual travel time tells a different story. #TrafficandWaiting - not so fun in Phil. 😢



Batangas Port


Puerto Galera

"A rough day at sea is better than any day in the office." 🌊⛵

Once we get off, we immediately booked a return ticket for tomorrow's 4 PM trip back to Manila. (Better early than sorry 😏)

Then, we met our local bankero-guide and went to Bangera Inn to eat and freshen up. 👍

Sleepy but excited 😩, we prepare ourselves for the planned land tour in the afternoon. Cheers for the team! Go Team Go! 😤💪

Puerto Galera Land Tour

Night comes and we headed back to our accomodation to freshen up and prepare for dinner. Planning to enjoy the so called Night life. ✨🎤🎧


Mar 26 2017
"Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's a mystery and today is a gift.." - Kung Fu Panda 🐼

After having our breakfast, we prepare ourselves for today's dose of vitamin sea 🐳 Beat energy gap every-Juan! 🌞

"Puerto Galera Sea Exploration" 🏊🌞🐚

Before we start, our local guide/boatman told us to divide ourselves into two groups and occupy two boats. I believe this is necessary to go to shallow waters. Maybe bigger boats are prohibited entering certain areas.

"Never say Goodbye. Because saying Goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." - Peter Pan

Hey fellow vacation-seekers out there. If you want a quick, near, and fun-filled vacation from Manila, Puerto Galera is a great choice. With its white sand beach, exciting water activities and party-filled shores at night, your summer escapade can't go wrong. Usually dubbed as Boracay of the North, Puerto Galera, has its own beauty everyone will surely enjoy.

Travel notes and some things to remember

🐚 You can book your boat ticket bound to Puerto Galera on Batangas Port. There are many shipping lines plying the Batangas-Puerto Galera route. During our travel, we take a passenger ferry from Minolo Shipping line going to Puerto Galera White Sand Beach. Better check Boat schedules so you can plan ahead your trip. Check this site for an extensive info about travelling to Puerto Galera:

🐚 After arriving at Puerto Galera White Sand Beach, it is important to secure your return boat ticket back to Batangas Port. The ticketing table (there was no office 😂) was near the arrival area. You'll not miss it for sure. You can also ask the locals there. Pinoys are approachable 😇

🐚 There are plenty of budget-friendly accomodations in Puerto Galera near the beach. During our travel, we stayed in Bangera Inn. They have low cost good rooms and a viewing deck where you can stay, relax and enjoy the sights (this is a plus for me 😀). It is also better to travel with buddies to split the bill. The more, the merrier!

🐚 Try to visit other tourist spots near Puerto Galera, specially those accessible thru a cab. There are plenty destinations you can go via land tour (like what we did). Remember, Puerto Galera is just a part of Oriental Mindoro. If your the Dora the explorer type and have the luxury of time, you can try to arrange a Mindoro Tour and end that in Puerto Galera (From Occidental to Oriental). 🙋

🐚 It is better to hire a cab when touring Puerto Galera via land. It's convenient and kinda private. 😄 Gladly, for those with a tight budget, some tourist spots were accesible via public transpo - jeepney.

🐚 Bring extra cash. You can buy lots of pasalubong to your loved ones. Also, you may like to try their water activities like Banana Boat Ride, Jet skiing, etc. Better ready than have regrets for not trying. Besides, you were there to enjoy and try something new.

🐚 Try something NEW, okay? Like eating something exotic for the first time. Boost your adrenaline by trying their water rides. Scuba diving is well known here. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something you've never done before and conquering it 😂. The trick is to not spend much on accomodation, transpo, and sometimes food. You can use the "savings" to try out new things 👍

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuffs to show. Besides, its better to see things for once, than hearing it a hundred times

Thanks for reading my travel diary. I hope I helped you in planning your Puerto Galera Trip by sharing my experiences. Please do as well. We never knew who'll we inspire. Stay tuned for more #travelgoals!

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