Nov 26 2016

Genesis Bus Terminal


City of Balanga




Started our trip by taking a bus from Cubao going to Balanga, Bataan. We reached Balanga by 5am and took the jeepney going to Brgy. Atilano Bagac, Bataan. Joined by 2 other friends and ate breakfast before we headed off to Ambon-Ambon falls in Binukawan.

Note: Tricycle is the easiest mode of transportation from Brgy. Atilano to Brgy. Binukawan or you can choose to wait for a Bus or Jeepney going back to Balanga.

In Binukawan, we decided to take a trike going to the jump off point. It's easier rather than trekking half an hour. The weather was gloomy and rain was pouring making our trail more difficult.

"So, Push! we say"
Tara na Bes!

from the jumpoff, it's about an hour of hike going to the "junction". There you'll find the signboard of Limutan Falls and Ambon-Ambon falls. 😲🚧

In the area near the sign board you will see several routes leading to different areas. Make sure to hire a guide with you to assure your track.

The trail begins to get tough as we get near to our goal. 💪

We didn't make it below or infront of the "Ambon-Ambon Falls" because there was no trail yet. But we were so eager to see her beauty so we'll definitely push it through next time.

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but Ourselves"

After a short break and photo ops. We continue our quest down going to "Limutan Falls" the trail is a bit tricky and misleading because few people known this place. We decided to follow the river and up.

Take nothing but Pictures, leave nothing but Footprints and kill nothing but Time

We take our snack and sit beside her for a while, before we decided to go back and prepare for our next adventure.🍉🍞🍗🍛

As we get to our friend's house in Brgy. Atilano Bagac, Bataan. Rested for a while before packing our things and planning our next trip going to "Playa La Caleta". 😴😴

From Bagac it's a 30min boat going to the place. The boat ride is a bit pricy. Make sure to travel by a group to minimize your cost. Everything in the place has cost including pitching up your tent and also other ammenities. 🌊🌊

Note: Remember to bring (Water, Food, FirstAid kits and Camping materials) although the place has a store for other things you may need. They also have huts, tables and place you may rent for your accomodation.

After setting our camp and making dinner. It's time to call it a day. We've so much things planned and ideas in mind for tomorrow. We've also coordinated a guide to tour us around. Lights out my friends! 😴😴


Nov 27 2016

Thank God for another wonderful morning! Great weather for a great adventure. So after taking pictures along the beach and had breakfast. Were ready to check the island. 👣

We push our way though sharp and big rocks around the coast along with the waves before we reach the island. 🏃

Our tour includes of hiking, caving and cliff jumping. But we've only check around the island since the waves are huge at the moment. You can see the view of "Bataan Nuclear Power Plant" from the island and wide angle of South China Sea. 🌊🌅

Before the tour ends, there is a small pool that will definetly make you dip or take a photo.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures



City of Balanga


Robinsons Galleria

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