Jun 19 2015

Balesin is known as one of elites' paradise because you can only visit this place if you are a member or if you are accompanied by one of their members. Luckily, we have our Boss who is a member. For our outing last 2015, he brought us to Balesin. How generous of he isn't it? 😆

Are you wondering where is Balesin? Well, it is one of Quezon Province' Islands. Yes, it's in the Philippines! And if you happened to know Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero, this was the venue of their wedding last February 2015.

We were scheduled in an afternoon flight and had our accomodation in Balesin Villa. This villa has nipa made houses, Filipino inspired indeed. When we arrived in the island, we just had our merienda and let ourselves roamed around the villa and by the beach.


Jun 20 2015

The next day, we had our tour in different villages of the island.

There is another village called Costa Del Sol but I wasn't able to took pictures of it.


Jun 21 2015

And it's time to say goodbye to this beautiful island for now. Who knows, I may be able to go back? haha!

I was so thankful to be a part of OMSI, I had this chance to go to Balesin for free. 😀 It is a once in a lifetime opportunity especially for an ordinary person like me. 😉

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