Apr 27 2017






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I missed one of my connecting flights.. Landed 30min before my next flight departed, and did what felt like a 5k of "run forest run" and missed it by 5 min.. this is not africa! #africantime #newyork #tripofalifetime #myamericanholiday

Trip of a lifetime, here I come


Apr 28 2017

Arrived safely in New Orleans. Arrived to a lovely room with gifts on my bed...This will be my home for the next few weeks...

Let the journey begin...


Apr 29 2017

The boys arrived... =) We went to the swamps.. Had a walk on the pathway through the swamp and saw a little gator.. So beautiful and so awesome to finally get to meet Mike.. Welcome to the family..

Swamp with the family


Apr 30 2017

So it's raining or pouring would be a better way of describing the amount of water.. Oom Neels, Mike and I went to the World War 2 Museum.. Wow.. This was amazing .. So sad but so interesting.. After our tour of the museum we picked up the others and went to a Mexican restaurant, Superior Grill... That was DELICIOUS...


May 01 2017

Going for a walk in the park... What a beautiful day... The park is beautiful and we are just loving each other's company.. Real bonding time.. Now it's time for breakfast, we went to this little restaurant called toast and guess what we had, avocado toast with sunny egg and my first taste of some grits (taste like pap)..

The evening we went to have a sundowner on the Mississippi River on the Natchez steamboat.. This was amazing. If I had words to describe it I would but I don't so come to New Orleans and buy a ticket.. It will be worth it..

This was THE perfect day..

Eating at Toast...
Sundowner on the Missisipi.. BEAUTIFUL..


May 02 2017

It's the day before all the friends arrive for Jazz Fest.. We are all taking it easy.. Tannie Johanna, Mike and I are going to do some shopping on Magazine street..

We also went to the nicest restaurant called Compere lapin.. Wow I don't even know what to order.. I recognise some of the words but I have no idea.. We decided to order almost all of the antreas and I tried everything and loved it.. Mains was everyone for themselves.. Of course I ordered meat.. Again we were left in awe..


May 03 2017

It's D-day.. We have to do some shopping for the house the friends will be staying in in the French quarter... Mike is buying some snacks and drinks.

It's time to meet the crew and I am meeting them for dinner @ LA petite restaurant .. Lauren & Danny, Anna & Amere, Tina & Alex, Kat and Mark..

Everyone is sooooo nice and welcoming...


May 04 2017

First day of Jazz Fest and its raining.. Everyone is so cold and wet. Not very pleasant. We went home early and the Schutte's and I went to a Thai restaurant.. Yummy.!!

Ate: Craw fish bread
Soft shell crab poy boy


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Mother's day lunch at the most beautiful and magical restaurants...

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