Nov 23 2016

Travel day. Landed at the YHA in Hervey Bay. Peacocks greeted us. Up early for a pick up from Fraser Magic land rover rental!


Nov 24 2016

Got our land rover - the same one Hans drove back in the day, but just with the steering wheel on the other side. Took ferry over to Fraser and took a beautiful inland track to central station to do the rain forest walk. I spotted a huge yellow and black lizard, a monitor. Pretty tame. It was gorg. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where rain forests grow out of sand. Silky, white sand. Then we drove on to the beach to head towards our glamping site, Cathedrals. The way Fraser works is that if the tides are in your favor, you drive for miles directly along the beach, close to the surf to get wherever you need to get. All ideally before dark and off. And off the costal route 1.5 before and after high tide. We drove up north, past Eli Creek, stopped briefly at the Maheno wreck, and straight on to Indian Head to see if we could spot dolphins, turtles, rays and sharks. Yes you read correctly. The views where spectacular, given we were blessed with great weather. Just as the tour group was leaving, we saw a dolphin or shark. With the cliff all to ourselves we watched a mom and young dolphin surf in the waves. The little guy would speed up and jump over his mom. It was a very special moment. We drove back just in time for high tide and had a nice dinner and sleep at the Cathedrals.


Nov 25 2016

Woke up early to try to avoid crowds at the Champagne Pools. These are rock pools with very clear water and a ton of tidal pools, full of fish and other critters. Glad we had our goggles. Hans thought he spotted an Irikanji Jellyfish (deadly sting) so we got out and did a rock scramble instead. It was pretty club med-ed out (we were one of the oldest) but still amazing and good people watching. Then back to Indian head but couldn't see much. Dolphins only come out to play when we are alone :) . Then stopped at Eli Creek to float down the creek. There is the perfect amount of current to push you through the creek, with lushness all around you. Quite a few fishes! Hans and I had a photo shoot and headed on to the wreck. Ran into the nice guy from our Maggie island reef trip! Then back down the beach towards Beach Camp, our second glamping site.


Nov 26 2016

Mice ate our food. Sand blow Kirar. No one there. Amazing dunes. Then hiked to lake with boogie boards and huge fish. Mackenzie in the rain by ourselves. Baby turtle. We walked to the lake with turtles but found none. Walked around the lake. Dinner at depressing place. On way, walked in the night along the protected dingo path and encouraged 3 ginormous cane toads, and huntsman spider. Risked dingos on the way home. Love our beach camp. Beautiful tent rooms and great chill area.


Nov 27 2016

Woke to head to final two lakes before we had to drive back to the 330pm ferry.
Amazing lake with tea tree oil. Floated on
Amaxing Lake with walk around the edge and white sands.

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