Jul 17 2016





My friends and I were so fond of unplanned trips. This is one of those. We had an overnight stay at Baler with the budget ranging from Php 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 per person. We always make the most of the budget we have for every trip.

Baler is a municipality located in the province of Aurora. It is approximately 230 km from Manila or about 5-7 hours drive depending on what car you are driving. For us, we used Toyota Wigo so it took us 7 or almost 8 hours to reach Baler (including stop overs). Take note, that the road going to Baler is quite dangerous as you would be passing by the Mountains but the view is absolutely beautiful, you will definitely enjoy the ride. Dont forget to take Bonamin with you if you are car sick. Expect to pass by a long and steep blind curves.

We arrived at Baler past noon already. We stayed in a cottage rooms in front of Costa Pacifica. Our acommodation was sponsored by my friend's dad. Her dad knows the owner of the place where we stayed.
The price range for 1 cottage is Php 1,000 per night. It is good for 2 person with the surprising bathroom inside. In our case we were 5. We got 2 rooms. One room for the couple and the little one and one room for us three girls. We managed to fit ourselves in a small room and slept comfortably. I forgot to mention that all rooms were airconditioned. We didn't expect it would be so chilly at night.

When we arrived at Baler the first thing we did was to take a shower, after that we headed directly to Gerry Chan's Place Eat All You Can. It was recommended to us by one of tricycle drivers that we've asked. So, we gave it a try. The price per person is Php 185.00 with free Unlimited Iced Tea. They serve lots of kinds of food but we were really not satisfied. The food were already cold and the calamares was like a rubber band already. Maybe the time when we get there was the problem. It was already late. Many people are giving good reviews about it but as per our experience we were not much satisfied.

After filling our stomachs we felt energized and did some tour around the city.

First stop, MUSEO de BALER.

What will you find inside Museo de Baler?

Like most of the museums, you will find inside are the artifacts, paintings and other memorabilia connected to the history of Baler.

There were also some posters of the movie Baler.

Most of the things you will see inside were mostly related to the Spaniards.

I researched about it and learned that Baler was the Spaniards last stand during Philippine Revolution in 1898. (source: Google)

Next stop, Doña Aurora's House

Few steps away you will find the huge signage of Baler. Take the opportunity to take good photos of it.

After the small tour that we did, we decided to walk by the beach front. There, we discovered many stores that offers good food in a reasonable price.

We also had the chance to sneak and take some photos of Costa Pacifica. (I will definitely check in here the next time I am visiting Baler)

Are you ready for the FOODTRIP in BALER???



We had our dinner at Paddle Out

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