Sep 08 2016
One year down, a lifetime to go

So we've made it a year as a married couple (though, Kellan will claim its two years because, 2015 and 2016). Instead of gifts, we decided to do trips and alternate who plans so it's a surprise for someone every time. Our only general rule is that the destination should be somewhere we haven't been (but if it is, that's ok and there's probably a good reason). Kellan volunteered for the first trip! I asked no questions other than: How much vacation do I take?

Quick coffee and fruit early in the AM!

LaGuardia Airport

United StatesUS

Miami International Airport

United StatesUS
Bienvendio a Miami!

I had an inkling Miami was not our Final destination based on the fact I was told not to forget my passport. Once we landed, Kellan took me to the departures board and said let's see where we might want to buy a ticket to...if this really happened that would be awesome. But it appeared that he already has a destination planned and I'll have to wait to see what it is!

Second Centurion lounge stop for eggs and more coffee

Left the lounge and walked to our gate, passed signs for St. Croix and others, and then arrived at the gate for...


Miami International Airport

United StatesUS

Curaçao International Airport

Netherlands AntillesAN
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